What value does time have to you?

Time. What is it exactly? What value does it have in our lives? The answer to this question varies with many people

While it is is true that the world is abundance by nature, and there are seemingly unlimited resources at our disposal. We unfortunately carry only a limited amount of the most valuable resource on earth. Time.

What does this mean? Every second, every minute, every hour adding up to the days, weeks and years that we spend in this thing called life. What then? How valuable is it to you when you realize that one day it will all be over? How will that family time be spent? How much harder will you love those present in your life?

Indeed. We spend it in everything we do, a little here a little there. The term “save time” becomes something of the highest value, more than gold when all the above is considered.

Keep your mind open. Love with all your heart, and remember to always save time to spend on that which you value the most, for one day the time clock will stop for us all…

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